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Broke. [group] The Minories, Colchester, UK (2018)

library-goers. Colchester Library, Colchester, UK (2019)

Emergent Vision. [group] Safehouse 1, London, UK (2020)
Young Artists’ Summer Show. [group] Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (2020)
ING Discerning Eye. [group] [online] (2020)
Young Artists Summer Exhibition. [group] artsdepot, London, UK (2021)
Performance for God is a Woman by the Purple Palace. [group] Village Reille, Paris, FR (2021)
Chaos and Order [group] Atelier 11 Cité Falguière, Paris, FR (2022)
Dreams of a New Moon. [group] Lethaby Gallery, London, UK (2023)
Performance for Slowness for Vestibule. [group] Lethaby Gallery, London, UK (2023)
Odd Seeds. [group] Greatorex Street, London, UK (2023)
Performance for Molasses Vases. [group] hARTslane, London, UK (2023)
Old Grocery Takeover. [group] Old Grocery, Wivenhoe, UK (2023)
Gatherings by Working Class Creatives Database. [group] SET Woolwich, London, UK (2023)
Crawl Space by Fresh Salad. [group] Crypt Gallery, London, UK (2023)
Autumn Salon. [group] Candid Arts Trust, London, UK (2023)
Weather Report Part 1. [group] Henrietta Scrine Contemporary, London, UK (2023)
ING Discerning Eye. [group] Mall Galleries, London, UK (2023)
In Art We Trust. [group] Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK (2023)
Performances for warren. [duo] Highgate Art School, UK (2023)
Weather Report Part 2. [group] Henrietta Scrine Contemporary, London, UK (2024)
Show of Stolen Goods. [group] FILET, London, UK (2024)
Performance for Incidental for Sideshow. [group] Lethaby Gallery, London, UK (2024)
Angels With Your Body. [group] Safehouse 1, London, UK (2024)
warren. [duo] BOTH Gallery, London, UK (2024)

Performance for CAD RED CLOSET. [group] Peckham Levels, London, UK (2024)

What We Have Become. [group] Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, London, UK (2024)

Show Pony. [group] Islington Arts Factory, London, UK (2024)

Performance for Re-Activate. [group] National Gallery, London, UK (2024)

Website logo, stating my name, 'Kelly Wu'
Website logo, stating my name, 'Kelly Wu'
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